What Man Doesn’t Want Bigger Erections Or A More Fulfilling Sex Life?

If you’re like most men, then at some time – or maybe right now – you’ve been concerned about the quality of your love life, your sexual performance or even the size of your equipment. If you’re like most men, then stress, ageing, weight gain, smoking or other lifestyle factors may be making great sex a thing of the past…

VIP Urut Batin Can Help! We offer a range of natural, safe and effective massage and holistic treatments that can renew your sexual energy and revitalize your manhood! VIP Urut Batin therapies will help you achieve:

  • Harder, stronger & longer-lasting erections
  • Longer & thicker erections
  • Increased sexual desire
  • More virility and potency
  • Increased visible penis size
  • Real staying power and sexual stamina

Real Stress Relief! We also offer therapeutic Malay Traditional Massage (Urut Tradisi Melayu), to promote relaxation, stress relief and recovery from minor aches and pains. Our professional male therapists perform this deep tissue, full-body oil massage in the convenience of your own home. Available in 60 minute and 90 minute versions, Malay Traditional Massage is a real value, with prices starting at just RM100.00, including travel and transportation in downtown KL (prices slightly higher for other locations and after midnight).

VIP Urut Batin

We provide an exciting new approach to natural performance enhancement for men. Our treatments are safe, natural and best of all - they really work!

VIP Urut Batin treatments are performed in the privacy of your home by professionally trained male therapists. Our prices include transportation and everything else we need for your treatment, so there are no extra charges and no hidden costs.

Book Now & Save

To introduce you to VIP Urut Batin, we're offering RM40.00 SAVINGS!

You can book on-line right now or call or SMS to +6012 927-3440 for 24 hour service.

Full Body Massage Now Available!

Thanks to many customer requests, we've added Malay Traditional Full-Body Massage to our menu. Available in 60 and 90 minute versions, our deep tissue, oil massage is great for stress relief and to remedy minor aches and pains.

How Is VIP Urut Batin Therapy Different?

At VIP Urut Batin, we’ve enhanced traditional treatment with our own proprietary techniques, components and products to make VIP Urut Batin therapy ultimately effective. Our combination of six or more separate steps to each treatment provides the best of both Eastern and Western therapy for enhancement and enlargement.

Champissage, de-stressing shoulder neck & scalp massage to help your body relax - fighting tension and stress that may be killing your sex life

Sexflexology, foot reflexology that targets the points, meridians and zones on your feet corresponding to key elements of your urino-genital system

Deep Tissue Massage (to the upper thighs, abdomen and groin) to enhance blood flow and help remove blood stasis

Duroil™ herbal enhancement oil contains medicinal extracts and herbs to enhance blood flow and maximize erections; treatment is enhanced by warm towels applied to the penis

Massage and stretching applied to the penis to expand the corpora cavernosa and stretch suspensory tendons for increased visible size

Full Body Massage to relax and de-stress your body, a blend of deep tissue and Swedish technique (included in our Herbal Plus Treatment)

Instamaxx is guaranteed to increase your energy and vitality immediately restoring your zest for life!

Vacuum Pump technology for penis enlargement and erection enhancement. When combined with Duroil™, vacuum pump treatment shows immediate effect on thickness and length of erections (included in our VIP Enlargement Treatment).

If you'd like to understand more about the anatomy of your sex life and the affect that Urut Batin will have on your penis, read About Urut Batin >>>

VIP Urut Batin Therapy Menu

Check our Internet Promotions for special prices and packages that will save you money!

VIP Deluxe [Details] [Book]
About 75 minutes; NOW RM140.00 (normally RM180.00)

VIP Herbal Plus [Details] [Book]
About 120 minutes; RM220.00

VIP Enlargement [Details] [Book]
1st Treatment: RM319.95 and RM399.95*
Subsequent Treatments: RM200.00
About 90 minutes

Full-Body Oil Massage [Details] [Book]
60 minutes; RM100.00

Full-Body Oil Massage [Details] [Book]
90 minutes; RM120.00

All prices include travel time and transportation to your home, a 30-ml bottle of Duroil™ and all other supplies. Prices will be slightly higher for locations outside of downtown KL or for treatments that end after midnight. See our booking form for complete details.

* Includes the cost of your own personal vacuum pump that is reused for subsequent treatments. Prices quoted are for standard size and large size pump respectively.

Convenient On-Line Payment

At UrutBatin.com, you can pay on-line for treatments or retail purchases using your Visa™ or MasterCard™ on our secure credit card processor.

To pay on-line for treatments in the privacy and comfort of your own home:

First, book your treatment using our on-line form;

Then, on the booking confirmation screen, select the payment link for the treatment you want and enter your credit card details. It's that easy!

For more information, see our FAQ >>>

What is Urut Batin?

Urut Tenaga Batin – which means “inner energy massage” - is similar to other techniques such as Manhood Therapy, Inner Energy Massage, Jelqing and Tantric Lingham Massage. Urut Batin is a traditional Malay deep tissue massage technique that helps the body circulate more blood to the penis, increasing the strength of erections and improving sexual stamina.

Try About Urut Batin if you'd like more information about the anatomy of your erections. Why should you be concerned about your sexual health?

Everyday Issues Are Killing Your Sex Life!

You're bound to recognize one or more of the following factors as having an influence on your life...and that means it's probably affecting your sexual performance, too. The good news? These are all issues that VIP Urut Batin can help you to overcome!

A real killer, stress - whether from your job, career, lifestyle, relationship or other every-day issues – adversely affects your body in numerous ways and is responsible for many performance problems among men.

Weight Gain
Whether from poor diet, lack of exercise or due to ageing, weight gain has physical and psychological effects. Increased body fat decreases the visible portion of your penis, seeming to shrink your manhood as you gain kilos. Increased body weight is often also responsible for blood pressure problems resulting in poor circulation and lack of blood flow to achieve and maintain erections.

Your body’s performance and efficiency naturally decreases as you get older. In much the same way that a healthy regime of exercise can offset many of the effects of ageing, Urut Batin massage can delay its effects on your sexual performance.

Unknown to many men, some of smoking's worst side effects concern your sex life! Smoking constricts blood vessels and blood flow making it more difficult to maintain hard erections. Nicotine decreases both testosterone and oxygen in the blood, sapping your stamina, energy and libido.

A healthy lifestyle of exercise, diet and VIP Urut Batin massage can reverse many of the effects these common issues are having on your sex life, desire and performance!

What Else Can You Do?

Since it's not unexpected for men to lose some of their potency as they get older, traditional cultures have come up with other effective methods for increasing potency in a holistic, natural way.

Yoga can produce profound results for everything from back pain to reduced stress, but the biggest comment from men in their 40s and 50s is how they feel like they are 20 years old again. Many claim that they can go from having sex with their partner once a week to once a day. The yoga poses and breathing can really get energy moving again, and one of the first places many people notice it is in their sex drive.

Perineum Flexors
Many men spend hours at the gym trying to beef up their bodies so they can be sexy, but fail to exercise the most important muscle of all. The perineum is the point between the scrotum and the anus. According to the vedic scriptures of India, this is where kundalini energy (sexual energy) enters the body. The more open we can make this area, the more energy gets pulled in and thus the more intensely we get aroused.

To exercise this muscle, lie on your back with the soles of the feet touching; let your bent knees drop toward the floor. Now begin to squeeze and release the perineum about 50 times. If you are having trouble isolating this muscle, imagine pulling the testicles back toward your anus. Each contraction should take about one second as should each release. Although you should feel immediate results, you should do this daily to really keep the pilot light on.

Herbal Supplements
There are a number of different herbal supplements that are known to improve sexual performance...perhaps not quite as dependably as their chemical alternatives, but in safer and more natural ways. Some of these herbal supplements also improve sexual appetite and male libido, something which the chemical compounds definitely don't do.

Vitamin Supplements
Deficiencies in zinc and vitamin B-6 have been associated with some cases of impotence. Try taking a multivitamin to make sure you have all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your bits and pieces in working order.

This is the least popular suggestion, but when you slow down sexual behavior you can have a more rich and full experience when you do do it. This is consistent with the eastern practice of Bramacharia or "moderation of life force."

Take Your Health Seriously
Other more serious physical or psychological factors also cause performance and erection problems in men. If you suspect real medical or chronic issues are causing your problems, it's always a good idea to consult your physician.

VIP Urut Batin and our services or products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. While urut batin massage (like almost any type of massage) does not have any adverse side effects and can be used in combination with practically any medication or medical treatment your doctor may prescribe for you, if you're under a doctor's care, it's alway a good idea to discuss any type of treatment with him.

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