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General Information

1. What's included in the price of my treatment?

  • Travel time & transportation to/from your home (quoted price covers KL except TTDI for appointments ending before midnight; other locations and times slightly higher).
  • A 30-ml bottle of Duroil™ to be used during treatment. The balance of oil can be used by you for follow-up home massage.
  • If this is your first appointment, our therapist will instruct you during and after the treatment on self-massage techniques using Duroil™ for home care regimen.
  • All other supplies, towels, oil, etc.
  • If possible, your therapist needs access to hot water.

2. Can I eat before my VIP Urut Batin treatment?

  • We recommend only light snacks or beverages be taken less than 2 hours before your appointment. Larger meals should be eaten earlier or after treatment is over.
  • Following any massage therapy, drink water or other fluids, your body looses moisture during treatment without you being aware of it.

3. Where will my treatment be performed?

  • In the privacy of your own home
  • The treatment should ideally be performed on a firm surface, either a firm mattress or on a cushioned mat on the floor. Your therapist will bring a floor mat with him to your appointment.

4. How often should I have treatment?

  • Depending on your goals, treatment can be effective if once a month or more often; for real enlargement results to take place, a minimum of about 6 weeks with weekly treatments and daily home exercises is needed.

About our Terms of Service

1. VIP Urut Batin treatments are provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home on an outcall basis by professionally trained male therapists.

2. By prior appointment only, we can conduct your treatment in our professionally equipped treatment center, however walk-ins or un-scheduled appointments are not entertained.

3. Standard prices include transportation and travel time in KL (except TTDI or if your treatment ends after midnight). See pricing notes for surcharges based on location or late appointment times.

4. Payment options:

  • You may pay for your treatment in cash at the time of treatment or you may pay in advance using Visa or MasterCard through our web site.
  • Credit card payments are securely processed by Commerce Payments and will appear on your statement under the name “PacificHerbals”
  • If you would like to pay using foreign currency, please let us know in advance so we can check current exchange rates.
  • Payment may also be made by bank cheque or draft with prior arrangement.

5. There is no charge for changes or cancellations to bookings as long as they’re made before your therapist is en route to your location. Once you’ve made a booking, please do your best to honor it, changes in bookings also affect other customers.

  • If you do need to cancel at the last minute and after the therapist is on his way to your home, there will be a RM50 cancellation fee.

6. VIP Urut Batin provides legitimate therapeutic services for men with sexual performance issues; please respect the professionalism of our therapists.

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