Duroil for Natural Erection Maintenance, Enhancement and Enlargement.

Duroil is traditionally used for the strengthening and maintenance of an erection which leads to an enhanced Male Vigor and Stamina. Massage therapy using Duroil is the best natural alternative for erection maintenance. Duroil Inner Energy Massage not only enhances your erection but is proven to increase the girth and length of the penis.

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Duroil is formulated using botanicals, herbs and oils that are well known for their special properties. Duroil is further enhanced with Hirudo Medicinalis. The anticoagulant effect of Hirudin, along with the natural herbs and oils, encourages the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels along the length of the penis. If there are any obstructions in the blood vessels, the natural effect of Duroil will clear them. It has been reported to Duroil.com that Duroil is able to make the penis stronger, stiffer, bigger and longer.

In cross section, the penis is divided into 3 compartments. Most of the penis is filled by 2 identical zones that are the ramrod- like corpora carvernosa (CC) that become erect when blood is trapped in thousands of sponge like spaces. The long thin compartment that runs along the underside of the penis in the middle is the corpus spongiosum (CS) that is the nerve center. When you start to get an erection, blood flows into these compartments causing the penis to enlarge. This happens because of physical or psychological stimulation. As blood enters these compartments, there is a temporary reduction in the rate and volume of blood leaving the penis.

Duroil is applied the entire length of the penis. The massaging of Duroil onto the penis coupled with the natural components (Hirudin) of Duroil will improve blood flow into the corpora carvernosa (CC) resulting in more blood being trapped in its sponge like spaces. Male Vigor and Stamina is returned to the user as the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels allows for a better blood flow into these compartments, hence an enhanced erection!